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REMID – the „Religious Studies Media and Information Service“ in Germany

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Religions in Germany
Religion in Germany is visible and takes many shapes: the Roman Catholic Church, the Evangelical Church in Germany, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, a large number of other religions, other Christian churches and groups, and New Religious Movements, as well as people who are not members of any religion.
This complex religious landscape calls for orientation. Orientation starts with information.
Statistics „Religions in Germany“
Selected worldwide adherents of religions

Religious Studies
Research in the religious landscape is carried out independently from any prerequisites of religious affiliation. It is an approach which takes people practising religions seriously without adopting their own statements about themselves. It means competence in the field of religions, religious movements and spirituality.
(German) article about recent researches in Religious Studies in Germany

REMID serves as a way to make information obtained in the field of religious studies available to the public. Thus the association pursues its objective to reduce prejudices and to further mutual understanding. REMID is committed to a peaceful development of a pluralistic society founded upon respect and tolerance.
To pursue these goals, REMID has at its disposal a network of scholars, a documentation centre and archives.
REMID is not affiliated with any religion or institution, thus maintaining the highest possible degree of independence. On this basis REMID is able to offer its resources to the public.
Worldwide Map of Problems concerning Religious Freedom and Tolerance (data from Amnesty International Report 2012)
List of publications describing religions locally (in town, in country)
Who counts according to what kind of terms? Statistics on religion globally (in German, with graphics)
Studies about spirituality in Germany (in German, with graphics)

The documentation centre and archives give an insight into current religious history. The materials are open to all interested persons on request. Further research assignments can be arranged.

REMID provides experts on specific topics for lectures, seminars, workshops and for contributions to newspapers or periodicals.

Works in the field of religious studies can be published in the REMID series or as a separate monograph. This option is open to all qualified members.

Projects and conferences
REMID takes up new projects relying on the network of experts, be they initiated by outside sources or by the association itself. Conferences are held on subjects of present-day and public interest.

Last but not least REMID promotes contacts among scholars and people interested in religions by way of newsletters and the members’ benefiting from the network of experts.
REMID cooperates with institutions with similar objectives, as for example with INFOREL in Basel, Switzerland; CESNUR in Torino, Italy and INFORM in London, Great Britain. The academic advisory committee aids REMID to keep in touch with the academic study of religions.

REMID is a non-profit organization. Any persons or institutions who share the objectives of REMID can join. Members get a discount when benefiting from the services. A general assembly is held every year. An executive committee is elected by the general assembly every two years.

Active participation
Members are, of course, encouraged to participate actively.
The REMID office uses an extensive questionary to cover the members’ experiences, fields of study and competences in order to pass on requests.

Please write to us, if you

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